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Since the beginning of 1999, our Physical Therapy Center, together with other three leading Physical Therapy Centers of the world, became a member of an international organization: " The Physiotherapy International ". The organization's aim is to provide same level and quality physical therapy services to the patients who either live or travel around these countries, as well as to exchange scientific / medical experience and information for every development in the Physical Therapy field.

The cities-members of the " Physiotherapy International " are: Athens - Greece, London - England, Mannheim - Germany and New York - USA.



According to the latest research findings in the U.S.A and England, a new method of treating osteoporosis (reduced calcium level from the bones) has been developed; this method fights against the disease which affects a constantly increasing percentage of the population, especially women. The combination of a medication called calcitonine, magnetic fields and daily exercise has spectacular results in beating osteoporosis. The electromagnetic fields are units which have been recently included in physical therapy methods. These units, by the use of low - frequency magnetic fields on the whole body and particularly on the spine, produce an accumulation of calcium and provide a more solid bone mass.


Accupuncture - Electro/Accupuncture

In our physical therapy clinic biomedical acupuncture is applied.

What is biomedical acupuncture?

It is a method which resulted as the main therapeutic method after continuous research and studies on traditional Chinese acupuncture. This method is applied worldwide for centuries with undoubtable results that medical studies continue to approve and confirm even today.

In which pathology is applicable and in which way?

The application starts with the insertion of exceptionally thin needles in special regions of the patient’s body (points of pain). Their action is strongly analgetic and anti-inflammatory. Acupuncture is a treatment method based on the activation of self medication and self reaction mechanism via the nervous system of the patient.


· Myofascial pain syndrome ·Fibromyalgia ·Low back Pain ·Sciatica ·Osteoarthritis ·Cervicogenic headache ·Migraine ·Cranio-mandibular disturbances ·Sport injuries ·Post-operative pain ·Overuse syndromes ·Stress management

Is it safe?

The acupuncture is commonly accepted as a treatment method deprived of any side effects and extremely safe when applied by educated medical and paramedical personnel that comply with the fundamental rules of the method. The needles used are disposable, sterile and proportional for each specific area of body.

Total Body Vibration

Total Body Vibration

In Whole Body Vibration, mechanical vibrations are transmitted to the body through a vibration plate. With the fitvibe the frequency of that vibration can be adjusted from 20 to as much as 60 Hz (20 – 60 vibrations per second). The mechanical stimulus produces a stretch reflex of muscles which depends on the set frequency and which causes involuntary muscle contractions. This means that the muscles react to the vibration by contracting and relaxing automatically.

With frequencies of 30 Hz and higher, the tension of the muscles is very intense and highly effective. With lower frequencies, there is an optimal relaxation effect of muscles.

In a conventional training session, only 40% of the muscle fibers are exercised; with Whole Body Vibration training that percentage reaches the 100% mark. And it’s not only the muscle tissue that reacts. Application of Whole Body Vibration also has a positive effect on tendon tissue, bone tissue, the nervous system and hormonal balances.

Important advantages of Whole Body Vibration compared with conventional training methods:

  • Training is fun, effective and doesn't take hours!
  • Device does not take up much space
  • Easy to use
  • Training is of short duration (average 10-15 minutes per session)
  • Rapid results from the training, you'll be amazed!
  • Also applicable where only low stress can be used
  • Can also be used by youngsters as well as older people
  • Wide range of effects
  • Versatile in terms of exercises - almost all muscle groups can be trained
Shockwave therapy

Shockwave therapy


What Shockwave is?

Shockwave therapy is a state-of-the-art, safe and highly effective treatment method for painful body regions, due to tenontitis, calcifications e.t.c. with an immediate injury healing effect and reduction of inflammation. ESWT contributes significantly to situations that cannot be treated with standard therapy methods.

Patient benefits

There is a wide range of applications, and especially high healing rate of injuries and inflammations, restoration of mobility and quality of life within 3-5 sessions. According to patients’ reports, pain free movement or significant symptom reduction by 80% is achieved. SW is used mainly for chronic situations.

What disorders can be treated?

·Painful shoulders with or without calcification ·Tennis and golfer’s elbow ( Lateral and medial epicondylitis ) ·Patellar tendinopathy (Jumper's knee) ·Achilles tendon pain (Achilles tendonitis ) ·Heel spur ·Plantar fasciitis ·Chronic neck and back pain ·Chronic Muscle tension ·Trigger points


The fixed part of the device is a compressed air operated ballistic generator of shock waves transmitted by the system’s probe. The generated acoustic waves are introduced into the body through the system’s probe and cover the entire painful area. Mechanical vibrations evoked by the probe produce kinetic energy which is converted into acoustic energy when the projectile strikes a steady surface, which in this case is the body, and this energy is transmitted to the target tissue.


HILT® (High Intensity Laser Therapy) Nd:YAG laser

Hilterapia is an innovative therapeutic technique based on an exclusive high-intensity laser emission. This type of laser was manufactured and developed in Italy, and has already been recognized by the FDA, Food and Drug Administration of the United States of America.

It is a ND YAG pulsed laser with light emission of wavelengths near infrared (1064 nm), and differs from standard lasers due to its feature to act effectively in depth in absolute safety.

It is ideal for treatment of painful pathologies affecting the osteo-muscular-articular apparatus.

It is successfully applied to drastic pain reduction caused by trauma, overuse or chronic conditions, provides immediate loosening of contracted muscles and tissues and achieves increase in the limited range of motion of joints.

It was also proven that for chronic and deep seated lesions and osteoarthritis, a great quantity of energy in depth is required for the induction of biological answer.

HILT ® technology provides energy emission through pulse transmission and is characterized by its very high peak power (100 ÷ 3000 Watt) with short pulses and low frequency (10 ÷ 30 Hz). These features allow an average power of 10 Watt.

This method (of energy emission) allows the transmission of sufficient energy in depth, without the risk of excessive heating of surface layers. Pulsed emission of radiation gives time to the tissues during intervals between pulses, for the produced heat to be diffused.

Apart from the high peak power pulses, the beam diameter is another significant feature that ensures maximum light penetration. Beams of larger diameter are more likely to penetrate in depth. Note that penetration of a light beam into the tissues involves the optical reflection phenomenon.

As with other lasers, the intensity of biological responses evoked in tissues by Hilterapia depend on the emission mode and power density, the features of irradiated tissue which can absorb, transmit or reflect energy and the laser wavelength.

Laser is an artificial source of light with special characteristics and with the “color” of light as the most important one, since is connected to the wavelength that determines the efficiency of light penetration into biological tissues.

Πελματογράφημα Comex

Πελματογράφημα Comex

Πελματογράφημα Comex

Foot Scanner - Orthotic Insoles

The appropriate fitting of the orthotic insoles can also help with problems at the knees, the hips and the lumbar loin due to wrong walking habits.

The appropriate fitting of the orthotic insoles can also help with problems at the knees, the hips and the lumbar loin due to wrong walking habits. The foot scanning provides information associated with high pressures exercised on the sole as well as the time of pressures, the center of gravity, the analysis of movement and finally the different support phases and swing phases and many more.

The custom-fit orthotic insoles are exemplary in the absorption of vibrations, the alignment of the stride during walking , as well as the treatment of athletic injuries. They are also used in the prevention of the problems of the ankle and lower extremities.

With the above provided information and analyses and with simultaneous cooperation with specialized scientists, the custom fit orthotic insoles are manufactured for :

  • People that present some systematic disease which have repercussions in the lower extremities, such as Diabetics, persons with Rheumatoid Arthritis.
  • People who in their everyday job, feel their feet ''heavy'' and tired.
  • People engaging in athletic activities, aiming at enhancing their dynamic performance, while reducing muscular injuries.
  • People with several biomechanical malfunctions such as plantar aponeurosis, Achilles Tendonitis, fall of the metatarsal heads, inflamations, plantar fasciitis, per planus(splayfoot), metatarsus adductus(pidgeon-toe), ankle pain etc. Improvement of the wrong gait and stance which results in the creation of low back pain and cellulitis.

Pediatric Orthotic Insoles for:

The orthotic insole's material differs according to the category/problem that it addresses.All of our orthotic insoles have approval of the Greek Drug Adminisration(Ε.Ο.Φ.), as well as bear a Ce Certificate.They can also be prescribed by all insurance agencies, as long as the authorized doctor prescribes them.

The orthotic insoles and the other materials of COMEX S.A. were used by the lower extremity department of the hospital of the Olympic Village during the Olympic Games of Athens 2004. All materials had total success in all the cases that they were applied and elicited the highest remarks of the volunteers Orthopedists, Physiatrs,Physical Therapists and Podologists, who offerd their help during the games.

Pilates Course


Pilates is an exercise system focused on improving flexibility, strength, and body awareness, without necessarily building bulk. The method is a series of controlled movements performed on specially designed spring-resistant exercise apparatus or on the floor (mat work), and the sessions are supervised by specially trained instructors. Pilates is resistance exercise, not aerobic (cardio), although the heart rate will certainly rise for a deconditioned individual.

Two of the key elements of Pilates are core muscle strength* and spinal alignment. The core musculature is loosely defined as the spine, abdomen, pelvis, hips, and the muscles that support these structures. Some of the main core muscles are the erector spinae (located in your back along your spine), the internal and external obliques (the sides of your abdomen), the transverse abdominis (located deep in your gut, this muscle pulls your belly button in toward your spine), the rectus abdominis (the "six-pack"), and hip flexors (in your pelvis and upper leg).

During a Pilates session, whether it's on the machines or the floor, your instructor will continuously prompt you to concentrate deeply on your core muscles, as well as on your breath, the contraction of your muscles, and the quality (not quantity) of your movements. These are also key elements of Pilates, and your instructor will emphasize them at every session. The objective is a coordination of mind, body, and spirit, something Joseph Pilates called "contrology." In his first book published in 1945, Pilates' Return to Life Through Contrology, the 34 original exercises that Pilates taught to his students are described along with the guiding principles of contrology.

For more information about the days and hours of the classes, contact us.